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House Buyers Phoenix,AZ

House Buyers Arizona

House Buyers Phoenix

by Cory Smith on 07/23/14

Need to sell your house? We can help! We are home buyers in Phoenix, AZ. We pay cash for houses and can close quickly. We Buy homes in all conditions, which means we buy in as is condition. There is several benefits of starting out your home seller needs with a cash offer.

  1. Our cash offer is a no obligation offer. This will give you a better understand of your situation and the current market situation.
  2. We pay all of the closing cost. For example. If your mortgage is paid off, what we offer is usually what you will net after closing.
  3. You can sell your house fast for cash. We usually close within 30 days. there is no need to wait around for an offer. 
  4. There is no repairs or clean up needed. We buy homes in all conditions. New homes, old homes, homes that are falling apart. We have seen it all.
Selling your house is a stressful period. We have an experienced team that has seen all situations and can relieve you of your stress. We handle all parts of the transaction and your only looking at a total of an hour of your time for the entire process.

When selling with us we offer top dollar for your house. Most sellers find that they would net close to the same as if they were to list it with a real estate agent. Except there is no waiting around 4 to 6 months before selling. We can start the process today! 

We sometimes get the question  "Why would I go with you instead of listing with a Real Estate Agent?"
This is a great question. As listed above there is a few benefits we offer and I like to keep things honest. We are not for everyone. We are investors and need to make a profit to keep the lights on. Our goal is to make it a "Win-Win" for every party involved. 
Some sellers do not have the luxury of waiting around 4-6 months for their home to sell. Either because of a job transfer, have other expenses that need to be paid, tax liens, job loss, there is many reasons sellers may need to sell fast. We offer a fast and effortless closing. We usually close within 30 days from when coming to an agreement.
We pay cash. There is no need for a banks to approve what we purchase. When buyers go to purchase a home their bank has certain requirements. Such as how much money they can spend, what condition the house is in, when they close on the property. The banks add a lot of headaches to the home selling process. We buy houses of all types and conditions. Since we are paying cash we are not restricted on what type of homes we buy.
We buy in "As-Is" condition. This is huge for a lot of home sellers. Again, if a buyer is using a bank to purchase your home the bank will require an appraisal and even an inspection depending on the type of loan the buyer is getting. This means if the home isn't up to the "standards" the bank wants it to be, they may not fund the buyer. This will require the seller to pay out of pocket to pay for the repairs or they will lose the buyer and have to start over.

House Buyers in Phoenix

Home Buyers Phoenix
Have you seen those "We Buy Homes Phoenix" signs around town on street corners? There are quite a few different investors in the phoenix area. The problem is are they experienced? Are they professional? Do they have ethics? 

Selling your house is a huge deal and the last thing you would want is to deal with a company or individual that does not have the experience or ethics to buy your house. We have been around since 2010 and we invest A LOT of time in money into marketing. What does this mean to you? We are here for the long run. We are not a fly by night company. With that being said we have a team with the utmost professionalism, ethics and experience. With one phone call (480-382-7253) or email you will experience this yourself. 

We Buy Homes Phoenix

We buy homes in phoenix. We are local investors that are here in the Phoenix area. We are local and not a huge company that buys all over the united states. We only buy homes in the Phoenix area. Since we are really familiar with the area we are able to offer top dollar for houses unlike other investors that will make "low ball" offers. We strive to make it a "win-win" for everyone involved. 

We are a great way to start your home selling needs. You will gain several benefits when starting your selling needs with us. You will get a better understanding of the market conditions in your neighborhood. You will get a cash offer right away.
If we are not a good fit for selling your house, we have networked with many real estate agents that specialize in certain areas and in certain situations that can give you the best service. Our ultimate goal is to make the process for you as easily as possible. Let's be real. If we provide you excellent customer service even if you do not go with us, maybe you know someone that we can help. The more people we can help, the more our name gets out.